De Madrid al cielo! or From Madrid to heaven! an old saying with unclear origin used with pride by the people from Madrid, meaning: like in the city, nowhere else. Whether it’s your first stay in the city or your twentieth, we will show you a side of Madrid you’ve never seen or heard of before. We’ll guide you through some of the most charming, hidden corners, and we'll also take a new perspective on the most famous monuments of the city.

Forget about the tours that you've done before, our goal is to infect you with our passion for Madrid's art, culture, food and history, and we know that we're not going to get that by boring you with all the dates and the technical words. Be prepared for a whole new experience during wich you'll feel completely immersed in every different tour.

Why hire a private guide with us?

  • You’re in charge. You have the final word concerning what to do and how to do it.
  • Great interaction. Forget about the guided tours where you guide seems to have learned its lesson by heart and ask as many questions as you like. Our tours are educational, entertaining, eye-opening, and, most importantly, fun!
  • No postcards. Get to know the real Madrid, not just the postcard-perfect city seen on glossy tourism office brochures. 
  • Exclusivity. You don`t have to “share” you guide with other people. Guided tours require full attention into every member of the group to get to be aware of its likes and dislikes and make sure that everyone has a great time.
  • Convenience and confort. Don't waste your valuable time in the city looking for the meeting point. We'll pick you up at your hotel and finish the tour wherever is more convenient for you.
  • Skyp the lines. We take care of everything. From museum tickets, to reservations at the best restaurants in town.
  • Professional photographic album of your vacation in Madrid. The pictures, made with a professional camera, will be sent to you in a beautiful format once the tour is finished.
  • By foot or with a private chauffeur. The center of Madrid is a compact area with many pedestrian areas, so we recommend walking tours with occasional taxi rides when necessary. In any case, we can also provide a private chauffeur service for any of our tours. In these cases, you'll also be accompanied by a guide who will devise for you the perfect route combining car rides with the necessary stops to visit the main attractions.
  • Plan the rest of your trip. Once you’ve finished your tour, we will help you to organize wisely your time left in the city.